5 benefits of weekend glamping

If you’ve never been glamping — or “glamorous camping” — you’re missing out on one of the holiday world’s biggest trends. Only have a weekend to spare for a chill-out break? Perfect. Weekend glamping is a wonderful introduction to the world of stress-free, high-end glamping experiences, without the need for the extensive outlay, fuss or worry. Here are the top five reasons a short glamping break over a weekend should be your next trip away.

couple reading a book and using a phone outside an Experience Freedom yurt, with a bottle of wine

1. It’s a taster

Glamping is an experience with its own unique style, and a weekend offers just enough time to get used to it and understand how it works — without needing to stick around if you decide it’s not for you. Glamping breaks across the UK also vary widely, from fully-catered vast tents to elaborate tipis and rustic retreats, against every calm natural backdrop imaginable. Weekends offer the perfect opportunity to test-drive what kind of glamping you like, what facilities are necessary and what elements — like a washing machine or a wide-screen TV — you can do without.


2. You can just show up

Glamping is far less time-consuming than camping in that it’s virtually preparation-free. Going on a short glamping break means packing what’s necessary for the site and nothing else; everything from putting up the tent to setting up bedding has likely been done for you, depending on your choice of glamping break. It’s a chance to spend a relatively fuss-free weekend exploring countryside, drinking champagne under the stars, or enjoying whatever experiences are on offer — without worrying about packing a multitude of camping accessories into your car to get there.


3. It’s a dose of luxury

Who doesn’t need to switch off at the weekend? After a hard working week, a short glamping break offers an opportunity to feel truly pampered in a natural setting. You can feel as if you’re being spoiled rotten for two days and still be back fresh for the Monday grind — definitely great for work-life balance and overall mental health.


4. It can suit your budget

A weekend glamping break has the added benefit of being budget-friendly: two days in the lap of luxury will be more affordable than a week or two. You can still push the boat out, depending on your own needs and budget, but it’s a relatively affordable way to sample luxury without going broke. Do your research on the vast and growing range of glamping experiences in the UK and you’ll find one that will make you feel thoroughly refreshed over the course of a weekend without scaring your bank manager.


5. It’s the great outdoors without the work

Glamping gives you all the benefits of a weekend camping trip — the great outdoors, the expansive skies, the retreat into nature — without the added labour of cleaning muddy boots or getting sand out of sleeping bags. A weekend glamping holiday is a great opportunity to truly switch off and embrace the calming influence of the world around you, while letting somebody else take care of the fussy practicalities. You can come back into the office in the next week looking and feeling as if you’ve just taken a week-long spa break.


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