Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines


  • Cleaning regimes

    We will be increasing the rigour and frequency of cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting units as part of our COVID Secure Commitment.

  • COVID Secure Commitment - what is this?

    This is the protocol that we have put in place to give you the added peace of mind that we have made the necessary changes to our procedures to reflect the guidance from the UK Government and our industry on social distancing and safety requirements. You will see the new COVID SECURE COMMITMENT stamp across our campsites as a recognition of this.


    Find out more about our COVID Secure Commitment

  • Do I need to wear a face covering on Club campsites?

    We ask that all guests at all of our campsites wear face coverings if entering Reception or Club shops and also when using toilet blocks, disabled facilities, laundry and communal food prep and dishwashing facilities.

  • What tent campsites will remain closed for now?

    For information on those campsites that will remain closed for the foreseeable future, please visit

  • What do I need to know about the New Variant COVID-19?

    Following UK Government guidance, the public is currently being advised to minimise travelling in to or out of the following areas unless it is essential: Bedford Borough Council, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, Burnley Borough Council, Kirklees Council, Leicester City Council, London Borough of Hounslow and North Tyneside Council. As always, the Club urges all members to follow latest Government advice for the wellbeing of all members and guests. Further Government information on the new variant is published here.

  • Why are you not opening all your campsites?

    Whilst the majority of our campsites will reopen, there are a small number that will remain closed. There are several reasons for this. Unfortunately, because we were required to close our sites in March we have not been able to carry out our usual induction and training programme for new assistant site managers at the start of the season; we also have some staff who are clinically vulnerable and it is not deemed safe for them or volunteer staff to work at this time; some sites on racecourses and other facilities cannot be opened because the landlords’ or owners’ facilities and accesses are closed. We have therefore allocated our teams to the sites with most occupancy taking the above into account.

  • What about communal areas, such as toilet/shower blocks, dishwashing, food preparation and laundry facilities?

    England, Scotland and Wales: Following the latest government advice, from Monday 17 May all our shared facilities (including showers) at our campsites in England, Scotland and Wales will be open and operating in line with government guidance and at reduced capacity. Please note that toilet block facilities at our Culloden Moor campsite will remain closed for the time being

    Our covid secure protocols mean we can open our shared facilities with carefully managed social distancing measures in place to minimise household mixing. However, we would still strongly recommend the use of your own accommodation facilities if you have them, as this will greatly reduce the risk of transmission. 

    If you do need to use our campsite shared facilities, please follow the procedures we have put in place. We will be operating the social distancing measures in a similar way to 2020 and with the same process across all our sites:

    • Sanitised wristbands will be available outside the blocks for you to take and then place on a hook to indicate the facilities are in use. 

    • When you leave, simply place the wristband in the container indicated where it will be sanitised again ready for next use. 

    • We are also requesting that face coverings are used in these areas (unless you are exempt).

    We appreciate these measures mean that you may experience extended wait times or not be able to access our facilities at your preferred times. Our site staff will be on hand to help and support if you have any concerns or questions. We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience in supporting the delivery of our Covid Secure Commitment.

    Please note: We ask that all guests at all of our UK campsites wear face coverings if entering reception or shops and also when using toilet blocks, disabled facilities, laundry, food prep and dishwashing facilities.

  • If I develop COVID symptoms onsite, do I have to leave? What if I cannot, or I am unfit to drive?

    If you suspect you have developed COVID-19 symptoms whilst staying with us, we would ask that you leave the site immediately and call to update our site staff. Please do not continue to use any shared facilities, this applies to anyone else in your party. If you are unable to drive safely, please discuss with our site staff.

  • Will campsite shops be open?

    Unfortunately many of our campsites will not be providing the usual grocery shop offer. Therefore, please ensure you are as prepared as possible, and bring all your grocery essentials with you. For details of all those campsites where shops will not be opening please go to

  • Will kid’s playgrounds and games’ rooms be open?

    Our playgrounds and games' rooms across our network are now open with COVID secure protocols. Parents or guardians will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing protocols, in particular, are followed for the safety of all. We also recommend that children and adults wash or sanitise their hands both before and after playing on the equipment.

  • What about restaurants?

    At this time all restaurants will remain closed and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Some of our restaurants are able to provide a take-away service and other campsites are visited by mobile catering units, and this will continue, provided it complies with social distancing guidelines.

  • Are dog walks still available?

    Where possible these will be open, please ensure social distancing is maintained, and please be considerate of guests as you pass by. To share the load, please consider walks off-site.

  • Can we invite visitors on sites?

    At the present time, we would really appreciate it if you did not invite visitors to the site. We’re sure that you will understand that this could increase the social distancing burden on staff and other guests during this particular time.  We ask that you arrange to meet any visitors at an off-site location. 

  • What happens if you have a suspected or confirmed Coronavirus case on the campsite?

    If there is a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case on our campsites, the individual will have been asked to leave the site and advised to follow Government advice. If NHS England (Test & Trace), NHS Scotland (Test and Protect) or NHS Wales (Test, Trace, Protect) staff contact the Site they may also advise on who else needs to be informed and if any further actions are required. At all times on the campsite guests are reminded of the need to maintain social distancing guidelines to minimise any health risks to themselves and other guests.

  • What happens if there is a local lockdown where there is a campsite?

    We will follow all Government and Local Authority advice and guidance, and your site staff will keep you informed. If we are required to close a site, please be aware that this may need to be done at short notice.

  • Will you be reducing VAT on bookings?

    In accordance with Government guidelines, the VAT rate will be reduced to 5% for all payments made from 15 July. Experience Freedom prices have been adjusted to reflect the new VAT rate. The prices published on the website always reflect current prices, inclusive of the correct VAT rate, and customers will always be charged the published price at the time of booking - at the appropriate VAT rate.

  • I need to self-isolate, can I stay at an Experience Freedom campsite?

    In order to minimise the risk of virus transmission to other guests, and to maintain our COVID secure commitment, you will not be able to stay on campsites if you are required to self-isolate. If returning from abroad, please follow Government advice and travel directly to the location where you will be self-isolating.

Test and Trace guidance


  • What information do I need to provide?

    Our Experience Freedom sites will now require all guests (over 16 years of age in England) to provide either Test and Trace (England), or Test and Protect (Scotland) or Test, Trace, Protect (Wales) information. If you already have the NHS COVID-19 App (England and Wales) or the Check In Scotland App (Scotland) you will be asked to use this to scan the QR code displayed on arrival or alternatively you may be asked to complete a paper form at the site. Your party may be provided with a form that you will need to complete in order to confirm that all members of your party have either scanned the QR code or provided their contact details. This will be handed out on arrival and you will be asked to return it to the Reception Office. We recommend you rescan the QR code daily whilst staying with us. Any contact tracing documents will be stored securely for 21 days after your departure, they will then be destroyed. If you move on to another Experience Freedom site, you will need to complete the same process. It is in the interests of all guests to use the contact tracing systems.

  • What are you doing with my personal data as part of Covid-19?

    Information about how your personal data is processed in relation to Covid-19 is at Section 3.24 of our Privacy Policy.

  • Will my personal data be automatically passed onto other people as part of this process?

    Any personal data held with Experience Freedom for contract tracing purposes will only be passed onto the relevant NHS service if they request it. If an NHS service in England, Scotland or Wales contacts us then it means that someone on our Sites Network or in our offices has contracted COVID-19 and they are attempting to get in contact with other people who now may also be at risk.

  • What data is provided to the NHS England Test and Trace, NHS Scotland Test and Protect and NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect programmes?

    The information that could be shared with these NHS services is: name, telephone number, email address, postal address, date of visit, arrival time and, where possible, departure time.

  • Is my personal data safe?

    To learn how we protect your data, please see further information at Section 3.8 of our Privacy Policy.

  • What about scams?

    If we are contacted by one of the NHS services then we will carefully verify that they are from the said service before passing on any information.

  • What if I don’t want my details to be part of this process?

    The contact tracing systems are compulsory for all guests to complete on arrival at our England (aged over 16 years of age) and Wales sites. You may not be allowed to stay on our sites unless you complete the process.

    If you do not wish to take part in the Test and Protect contact tracing system in Scotland, please email [email protected] and confirm: your name, the Experience Freedom site(s) you have visited and the dates of your stay. Any data collected by Experience Freedom solely for the purpose of opting out, will only be kept for 21 days.

    We believe that it is in the interests of all members and guests to use the contact tracing systems.

  • What if I live in one part of the United Kingdom (UK), but I will be visiting a different part? For instance, I live in Scotland and the site I am going to is in Wales.

    The advice is that you should use the relevant contact tracing App that relates to the part of the UK you live in normally regardless of which part of the UK you will be visiting (NHS COVID-19 App for England and Wales or the Check In Scotland App for Scotland).

About the accommodation


  • What should I bring?


    In the glamping pods, cabins, safari tents and yurts, we provide bedding and basic necessities but you may want to bring additional items such as a hair dryer, towels, toiletries, and games. Towels are also available for hire.


    If you’re snuggling up in one of our wooden camping pods for the night, you’ll need to bring your own bedding and camping equipment too (including cooking equipment).

  • How many people can stay?

    Yurts can sleep two to four people – inside there’s a king size bed and two pull out single beds, suitable for a family of four.


    Safari Tents can sleep up to five people – inside there’s a double bed, two singles and a bunk above the singles, suitable for up to five adults.


    Glamping pods can sleep two adults and an additional two children up to 17 years old. There’s a double bed, sofa bed and bunk bed (the bunk takes a maximum of 11 stone/70kg). Children under six must never be left unaccompanied whilst using the bunk bed.


    Universally Accessible Glamping Pods can sleep up to two adults and one child and includes twin beds with orthopaedic mattresses and a small sofa bed suitable only for a child.


    Glamping Cabins can sleep up to four adults and two children up to 17 years old. There’s a double bed that pulls down over the dining area, a double sofa bed in the lounge area and two single beds in the upper mezzanine level suitable for children.


    Universally Accessible Glamping Cabins can sleep up to three adults and two children and includes twin beds with orthopaedic mattresses, a bunk bed and a futon.


    Camping pods can sleep two adults and up to two small children (we recommend no older than seven or eight years old). Inside there is either a futon that converts into a small double bed or two camp beds. You can request an additional single camp bed for your children (subject to availability).


    Please note: due to the cosy dimensions of our camping pods, and to avoid disappointment, you can only book this accommodation online for a maximum of two guests. If you require more guests to stay in this accommodation please call us on 01342 777533 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm) to discuss your booking.

  • Do you supply tea and coffee?

    All of our fixed, glamping accommodation types have tea and coffee sachets supplied for a refreshing first drink on arrival, along with a kettle and mugs. If you’re an avid tea or coffee drinker, you will need to bring enough of a supply of tea, coffee, milk and sugar for your stay.

  • Is there self-catering?

    Our yurts, safari tents, glamping pods and cabins come with a few appliances to help prepare simple breakfasts, snacks and light meals (kettle, toaster, microwave oven, fridge and utensils). To keep your sleeping areas clean and comfortable, we don’t provide full indoor cooking facilities.


    Our glamping pods include 2 gas cooking rings at all locations except Abbey Wood and Alderstead Heath. They also include a kettle, toaster, microwave oven, fridge and utensils.


    Our glamping cabins come equipped with 4 gas cooking rings, a full oven along with a kettle, toaster, microwave oven, fridge and utensils.


    Our universally accessible glamping pods and cabins come equipped with a 2 ring electric cooking hob along with a kettle, toaster, microwave oven and fridge and utensils.


    Our wooden camping pods don't feature cooking appliances, utensils, crockery and cutlery but you will find a kettle for that all-important cuppa.




  • Can I use a barbecue?

    Yes. A barbecue station is located in front of our yurts, safari tents, glamping pods and glamping cabins, where you can use a disposable charcoal barbecue.


    Our camping pods currently do not have a brick barbecue station beside them but you are welcome to use the disposable tin foil trays on a stable stand outside.


    Please ensure that your disposable barbecue doesn’t come into contact directly with the ground or decking. For your safety, please make sure that disposable barbecues are only used outside all accommodation and that they are left to cool before being thrown away. Never leave a barbecue unattended once lit, and please be considerate of other guests nearby.


  • Are we allowed to have a campfire?

    We do not allow campfires on site. We also ask that no candles or other naked flames are used inside or near any accommodation on site.

  • Are the yurts/safari tents/pods/cabins cleaned regularly?

    Your pod, cabinsafari tent or yurt will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and fresh linen will be provided before you arrive.

    The wooden camping pods are the only fixed accommodation where you'll need to bring your own sleeping bags or linen. For anyone staying longer than one week, it will be cleaned on the seventh day.

    Your unit will be equipped with hand wash, antibacterial spray or wipes and cleaning cloths to help you keep your unit clean during your stay.

  • Is there heating, lights and power sockets provided?

    Lighting, heating and power sockets are supplied to the glamping pods and cabins, camping podssafari tents and yurts. In addition, the pods and cabins are insulated and remain warm through the winter. There is an electric oil heater provided in the yurts and safari tents which are open from spring until early autumn – for cooler nights you might want to bring a hot water bottle too.

  • How secure is it on site?


    The camping pods, yurts, glamping podssafari tents and cabins can all be locked, however they don’t contain a safe. If you bring valuable items with you, it is your responsibility to keep these items safe.

  • Is there Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is provided across all of our sites, however availability is limited on some and a charge may apply. Please check the specific location page for more information.

    Please note: there is no Wi-fi available on site at Troutbeck Head.

  • What’s the difference between a camping pod, a glamping pod and a glamping cabin?

    Camping pods are an upgrade from tent camping, providing the full camping experience without the hassle of bringing and setting up a tent. These wooden pods are well insulated, more secure, offer more privacy and shelter than a tent, plus they include heating and electricity to keep you warm and snug – lovely! You'll also have access to the onsite toilet and shower facilities.

    Glamping pods are like a mini lodge, giving you your very own self-contained hotel room in the countryside! These are perfect for guests who want to be in the middle of nature on our fantastic sites and want to keep creature comforts close by, like a sprung bed and a private toilet and shower.

    Glamping cabins are much the same as pods, offering single room open plan living with no separate bedrooms. However, they are larger and can therefore accommodate more people.

  • Are there toilets and showers on site?

    Yes, all of our sites have a toilet and shower building.


    Some of our fixed accommodation types are also installed with toilets and showers, they are:


    Glamping pods and cabins come with a flushing toilet and shower as part of the en-suite.

    Wooden camping podssafari tents and yurts do not have a toilet installed as part of the accommodation but high-quality facilities are available just a short walk from each of the units.

Making and managing your booking