6 Apps every camper needs

Nowadays camping doesn’t have to be lo-fi. While you may love getting away into the countryside to escape from the rush of contemporary life, you can still use the advantages of modern technology to make sure you have the best possible experience.

There’s a wide range of apps for camping holidays currently on the market, and whether they’re free or require small fees, they’re worth having on your phone to keep you apprised of every angle of your trip. Just make sure that you have adequate battery and a portable charger or battery device, and download any necessary documentation or maps before you leave, in case you hit an area with no signal. These camping apps will make you the best-prepared, most knowledgeable person at the campsite.

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Ever wanted a camping Wikipedia? This app is pretty encyclopaedic. Wikicamps not only contains a database of campsites in the UK, it also details tourist spots and offers a checklist tool so that you don’t forget any essentials when you’re packing. Whether you want to search for local activities or points of interest, find dog-friendly locations, see how other users have rated a site, it’s all available on a handy map — and it’s not dependent on data, so you can have it to hand even without any signal. It also has camping-friendly features like a compass for you to orient yourself when you’re out and about.

£0.99 on iTunes

Free preview on Android

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Geocaching has taken off in the past few years and is a great way to explore your surroundings and keep the whole family entertained. It’s essentially a treasure hunt app that uses GPS, leading you to locations where a box is typically hidden with a logbook for you to sign. You might even find goodies that you can swap. You can then share your adventures with others via the app – you never know, maybe another family on-site is getting involved too.

Free on iTunes and Android

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Go Jauntly

This award-winning app is all about walking. Hikers and casual amblers who love to get in touch with the UK countryside will appreciate its tailored collections of walks through both cities and the natural world. It also allows established walkers to track their own trails, publish photos and tags of where they’ve been, and share recommendations with a community of dedicated ramblers.

£1.99 per month on iTunes

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Outdoors Survival Kit

This three-app bundle combines some essential camping equipment, all on your phone. The Knot Guide has over 100 knots to help you secure everything on your campsite without a worry, while the Flashlight turns your phone into a bright beam in the dark and the Mirror allows you to check your sunburn without the need to bring along a bulky accessory. It’s three for the price of one and a worthwhile investment for campers.

£3.49 on iTunes

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Trail Chef

You might be an ace at packing, but how good are you with a camping stove? If your repertoire of recipes is limited to instant noodles and baked beans, this app is essential. Offering over 60 recipes with easy-to-follow instructions, it makes planning a menu and eating nutritiously simple. You can stock up with the food you’ll need before you leave and make easy yet delicious meals throughout the whole trip. We've compiled a few vegetarian recipes ourselves for those who don't want to download an app.

Free on iTunes

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Nothing ruins a camping trip like an unexpected spot of hail, and the UK’s weather can be unpredictable. Accuweather’s weather radar, long and short-term predictions and trackers can help you plan every aspect of your weather protection for your camping holiday. Hugely popular and accurate, Accuweather is an excellent camping app to make sure nobody gets caught unprepared.

Free on iTunes and Android

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