What is glamping?

From yurts to shepherd's huts and everything in between, glamping is much more fun than you may think. If you love the outdoors, getting back to nature and enjoying all your home comforts, glamping could well be your perfect getaway.

The term Glamping got its name from the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping” and has been in regular use since the early 2000’s. However, history will tell us that certain types of Glamping have been around for centuries before. The nowadays popular Yurt was favoured by nomadic cultures in the 6th century, whilst Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan has his Yurt picked up and wheeled on a cart, pulled by oxen during the 13th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, King James V had a luxury camping site in the Scottish Highlands, with the tents interiors filled with decadent furnishings and adornments from his own palace. Safari tents became a popular choice for wealthy American and British travellers in the 20th century, who were venturing on African safaris.


Couple under duvet in wooden-interior glamping pod

Today, Glamping is far more accessible to all with the focus on maintaining your creature comforts whilst also enjoying the great outdoors. By and large, tent campers enjoy the traditional style of camping, where you can hone your wilderness skills perhaps with just a simple tent and a sleeping bag under the stars, whereas glampers are after the full-sized beds and accommodation with cooking facilities.

Read more about the differences between Glamping and Camping to help you decide your next staycation.


Types of glamping

The different types of glamping available are largely related to the type of accommodation you choose. Where traditional glamping is often associated with yurts and safari tents, probably because of its camping origin, there are so many other places you could stay. Glamping pods, cabins and lodges are a more hardy, all-weather option for nature lovers and explorers, where shepherd’s huts often offer a more ‘back-to-basics’ approach. For a real 'wow' factor when glamping, try a treehouse stay or a renovated campervan/caravan. The latter often have a more personal touch than other forms of glamping, where ordinary people repurpose units they're no longer using themselves.

Couple sitting on blanket outside countryside yurt

Enjoy a yurt stay in Kent

Who's it for?

Glamping really is for everyone. Whether you’re a couple needing a relaxing retreat away
surrounded by nature, a family wanting all the fun of the great outdoors without the stress and the
hassle of traditional camping or a group of friends wanting to get together, whilst still having your
own space.

There are also plenty of options if you’re on a budget, as glamping can be very reasonably priced.
Keep the costs down by cooking outdoors and spend your days walking and exploring the glorious
open space. Those without school-aged kids, can book mid-week and during term time, to save even

Couple in the porch of a camping pod at Brighton

Our cosy camping pods offer a back-to-basics glamping experience

Benefits of glamping

There are so many reasons to go glamping. Whilst it might be slightly more expensive than traditional tent camping, it is understandable with the facilities and accommodation available. Many glamping units come with toilets and showers – like our glamping pods and cabins – and offer a much more sturdy covering compared to a tent. Glamping is also a great all-weather option, giving it the edge over traditional tent camping.

For the eco-aware holidayers, many glamping sites have solar panels installed to generate most of
the electricity they use making your glamping break far more eco-friendly compared to a hotel stay,
the majority of the time. There are even glamping sites out there that use compost toilets, have
spring water showers and no electricity or Wi-Fi, however these sites can be harder to find.

When you visit a glamping site, your accommodation will usually have a private feel to it. It might
not feel quite as remote as some shepherd’s huts located in the middle of nowhere, or treehouses
way up off the ground, but you will still feel secluded from other guests. Glamping is the perfect way
to get away in the gorgeous great outdoors, whilst still maintaining your creature comforts.

Man cooking in airstream kitchen while chatting to wife

Cook up a storm in your Airstream kitchen

Our glamping sites have plenty to offer whether this is your first glamping stay or your fiftieth, and with six accommodation types in eight stunning locations across the UK, you're bound to find something to suit your needs.


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