What is peer-to-peer sharing?

With our partner Camplify, you can hire caravans and motorhomes owned by other caravanners for a unique camping experience

How does peer-to-peer sharing work?

It’s simple. People who own a campervan, caravan or motorhome come to us wanting to hire out their vehicle while it’s not in use. We verify them and their vehicle, to ensure reliability and roadworthiness, then connect them with travellers who are keen to hit the road. These travellers can browse available vans on the Camplify website or hirer app and make a booking request once they’ve found something appealing. From there, the van owner can either accept or decline the booking.

What kind of support does Camplify provide?

Hire a van through Camplify and you’ll have access to 24/7 nationwide breakdown cover and a UK-based customer service team. As mentioned above, all our van owners are verified and onboarded, so you can rest assured that they’re ‘legit’. Our vans are comprehensively insured for hire too, meaning the only thing you need to worry about is having an unforgettable adventure.


Is peer-to-peer sharing safe?

Safety is Camplify’s number one consideration, which is why we have a comprehensive onboarding and verification process for both hirers and owners. And in the rare event of an accident, our team will speak to both parties to ensure a fair and agreeable outcome for everyone involved. We want to keep our owners’ vans – their pride and joy – in top-notch condition while making sure our campers have a safe and memorable adventure.

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer sharing?

We love campervans and motorhomes, but many people can’t afford to buy one, even if they want to go on a campervanning holiday. It makes sense to hire one instead, especially if you’re only able to get away a few times a year, and a peer-to-peer platform like Camplify gives you more choice, more variety and the added bonus of putting some extra cash in the pocket of regular folk who love camping just as much as you do. And with over 20,000 vans spread around the world, Camplify has you covered for all kinds of adventures from the Scottish Highlands to the Australian coast.




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