Wiltshire Campsites

Wiltshire is unquestionably one of the jewels of England. Its sites have redefined our concept of ancient civilisations; you’ll never forget your first view of world-famous Stonehenge, its colossal stones emerging from fog or burning in an autumn sunset. Stone circles, Neolithic rings and monuments of incredible age fill the landscape; with every step on its rolling terrain you tread not only on modern ground but on history thousands of years old. Wiltshire’s landmarks define classic moments in English history, from the druidic ring of Avebury to Stourhead’s sweeping eighteenth century glamour and the medieval walls of Old Wardour Castle, ringing with long-ago battles. Villages overflow with heady tales of smugglers and battles. You’ll come away with a sense of lives once lived.

Not all of Wiltshire is focused on the past. The chalk hills, with their white-carved horses, roll verdant and green to the horizon, and some of the nation’s best walks are found on its downs and valleys. Small rural villages look as though they’ve come straight from watercolour paintings, while meandering paths attract cyclists from around the country. Authentic England may feel unreachable in many places, but there’s nothing forced about Wiltshire — its charm, and its past, are as real as stone.


Located on the doorstep of the famous Safari Park in Longleat Estate, our Longleat site has something for everyone.

Ideal for:
• Family holidays
• Sightseeing
• History enthusiasts

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Reasons to visit Wiltshire

History, wildlife, walking… a camping holiday in Wiltshire has something to offer all ages and interests.

Ancient Wonders

Everybody needs to visit Stonehenge at least once — and while you can’t dance around the site these days, a child-friendly visitor’s centre and beautiful surrounding landscape make for an excellent day out. For a special view, pre-booked private tours of the inner circle are available too. Avebury’s stone ring is a monumental beauty too, ringing an entire village with its hefty pillars, which were re-erected by Alexander Keiller in the 1930s. Both form part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Alexander Keiller Museum at Avebury will delight children with its range of activities and artefacts.

You’ll also want to pay a visit to the world-famous Salisbury Cathedral, both for its incredible exhibitions — its Magna Carta is one of just four surviving originals — and for its dizzying heights. Kids will love climbing to the very top of its soaring spire on a tour, but if they’re more keen to stay on the ground, visit the spooky ruins of Old Wardour Castle or the Iron Age stones of Old Sarum, which combine ancient stone with modern amenities and plenty of space for playing and picnics.

Unique Wildlife

Aside from Stonehenge, the place in Wiltshire that probably produces the most memorable experiences for visitors is Longleat Safari Park. Owned by an eccentric aristocrat, Longleat is home to a vast array of species in one of the most renowned parks in England. Lions and monkeys roam free, and there are opportunities galore for children and teens to make the memories of a lifetime: feeding experiences, mazes, a miniature railway and a petting zoo.

If you’d like more up close and personal time with animals, Wiltshire has plenty of those. Roves Farm Visitor Centre has farm animals to meet and feed, plus an adventure play barn for burning off energy in grim weather. The Bush Farm Bison Centre, meanwhile, has one of the UK’s biggest herds of bison and elk, set in picnic-friendly surroundings with owls and rare birds. Wiltshire also has a large variety of nature reserves, including Langford Lakes Nature Reserve, where the fortunate might spot wild otters at play.

Outstanding Walking

Camping in Wiltshire isn’t complete without one or two adventures on foot. The region’s beautiful rural stretches offer a unique chance to get close to nature, from the Cotswolds, with its sandstone villages and golden paths, to the West Wiltshire Downs and the Wessex Ridgeway. The startling White Horse of Bratton Camp lies among fields filled with wildflowers and butterflies. Hiking boots at the ready.

If you’re in the mood for more sedate rambles or have kids with energy to spare, the grounds of stately homes like Stourhead are an excellent walking option. Stourhead’s astonishing 1,000-acre estate has walks for all ability levels, as well as activity trails for kids, plus an ice cream parlour and several child-friendly cafes. Alternatively, roam the grounds of Bowood House, with its terraced gardens and adventure playground, or Lydiard House, which augments its lake and climbing playground with bird-of-prey demonstrations and other child-captivating delights.

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